Marty Gantt (SC #1 Pitcher) to Monte Lee & College of Charleston

Discussion in 'SouthEastern Recruiting' started by CharlestonAP, May 19, 2010.

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    from another poster:

    Lefty from North Augusta is arguably the top pitching prospect in SC next season. Kid is in a class all by himself this season. Even in his 3 losses, he only gave up like 12 hits total. Struck out at least 9 in every outing. Defense let him down in the state championship series vs. Hartsville. What makes this kid even more special is that the 4 fingers on his right hand are actually nubs, he was born that way. He wears a special glove to make it appear he has fingers and the nubs control those slots.

    And the thing is...the kid is/was a Clemson fan. A huge one, as was his family. Clemson wasn't aggressive. Carolina knew he was that good and went ahead with the offer hoping he makes the grade. Gotta say I'm disappointed in Leggett and staff on this one.

    I think he signed with USC, then changed to COFC
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