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Discussion in 'Scoreboard' started by JPK77, Jan 27, 2004.

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    If you're following a game and wish to share game scores and status, this is probably the easiest way to do that using The Scoreboard:

    Make the subject line of your post
    visiting-team ? home-team ? (inning)
    where the ?s are replaced by the scores and (inning) is something like (top 5), (bot 6), (end 1).

    When there's an update you'd like to pass along, use the Edit button (instead of Reply) to update the score/inning information in the subject line, and any comment such as "Gamble hits a 2-out three run homer in the bottom of the ninth" to the body of the post.

    Using Edit instead of Reply keeps the scores near the top for viewers who use the thread view, and putting the scores in the subject keeps the current ones visible to those of us who use the topic view.

    Many posters also include game stories or highlights either in the body of the message or in a reply to it after the game is over.

    If you're having trouble or need someone to take over a game you're covering you can reply to this message to send a note to the board admins.

    The most common problem is not having "cookies" enabled in your browser - this keeps you from being able to edit your own post. In Internet Explorer, go to "Tools... Internet Options" and then on the Privacy tab use the Edit button to allow cookies from

    Thanks to everybody who contributes to this forum!

    Some miscellaneous tips:
    If you have a link to live stats or an audio netcast it is helpful to include it in the initial post. That makes it easier for someone else to take over if you have to leave the computer for any reason before the game is over.
    Reply to this post if you have any problems with Rivals or need any other assistance from the board admins. There is usually at least one of us online when games are being played, and we are always happy to help, since you're helping the whole community with your posts and edits.

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